About Me

I have an untidy internet footprint, so this is not my first About Me page. It’s not even my first About Me page on this hosting package. But it’s the About Me page for this project. Onwards.

My name is Brenna Clarke Gray, and I’m a faculty member and Coordinator of Educational Technologies at Thompson Rivers University. I have been in this role, at the time of this writing, for *counts on fingers and one toe* eleven days. Prior to taking this job, I was a community college English literature instructor for nine years.

There’s a steep learning curve in moving from the role of, to quote a super catchy blog title, practitioner to pedagogue.

This blog is a place for me to write about the new technological tools I’m learning about, breaking, fixing, and thinking critically about at work. It’s also a place where I will talk about issues of EdTech ethics, teaching, and academia more generally.

As part of my own commitment to openness, I’m also going to use this space to talk about experiences on the tenure track and how real life — including (for me) marriage, motherhood, and that elusive work-life balance — fits alongside it. And how sometimes it doesn’t.

If you want to talk more, I’m easy to find on Twitter. And there’s a more detailed, and almost certainly out-of-date, About Me at my other domain.