What’s with the domain?

Community of Praxis is the title of a forthcoming project. It’s going to be great. Just hang on a friggin’ second.

So what’s your job, anyway?

Good question. I’m still learning. I think this blog will be where I figure it out, maybe. On paper, I’m Coordinator, Educational Technologies at Thompson Rivers University. It’s an instructional support position, but it’s also a tenure-track faculty gig. TRU is a leader in open education, online learning, and student-centred education, and I’m excited to join the team here. In my job talk, I pitched myself as someone committed to open, ethical digital pedagogy, and to using the tools we have to champion accessibility and inclusive education. Hold me to it.

What did you used to do?

For nine years, I taught a full teaching load (4/4) in the English department at a community college in the Lower Mainland of BC; I taught literature and academic writing, and did a stint as a Coordinator of Associate of Arts degrees. Before that, I did my PhD at the University of New Brunswick, where in addition to work as a TA and RA I also taught literature, academic writing, and did a brief stint in EASL. And before that, I was at Carleton University for my BA and MA, where I was a peer facilitator in English and Psychology, and a TA and RA in English.

Heavy on the teaching. Light on the theory. Sometimes I let this make me feel really intimidated about my new gig. Lot of EdDs walking these halls; lot of instructional designers who know a heck of a lot more than me.

Oh, and I have had a pretty productive life as a researcher, especially in the world of Canadian comics and comic book representations of Canada. Ask me anything about Alpha Flight, I dare you.